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Top 4 Causes of Roof Damage

When you need a repair done to your roof, you really have no choice but to repair it as quickly as possible or consider getting an entirely new roof installed. It helps to know what are the most common causes of roof damage so you can prevent roof damage before it causes significant problems for your home and family.

1 – Aging Shingles

One of the most common reasons for minor roof damage leading to major damage is simply the fact that your roofing has seen its day. It may just be aging and becoming weaker as the elements impact it. Your shingles may be past their warranty too, and in that case, it could be wiser to invest in roof replacement than always repairing small issues.

2 – Lack Of Roof Repair & Maintenance

Procrastination is a roof killer. We all have busy lives, we get it, but failing to get roof repairs when needed can lead to more severe roof damage. An annual inspection, sweeping off the roof, and cleaning out the gutters and downspouts goes a long way! If you notice any small stains on your ceiling or leaks, it is essential to have a professional come out and do a full inspection to resolve the issue early to keep repair costs down.

3 – Wind And Storms

High winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes can put your shingles to the test as few other things can. Wind can expose roofing materials, nails, and loosen shingles. When experiencing high winds, shingles lift and expose everything they protect. Choosing the best materials with high wind resistance will help, but getting an inspection done following a major storm to make sure there is no hidden damage is crucial.

A hailstorm can even cause roof damage by displacing the granules from the shingle’s surface. The granules are there to protect the asphalt layer underneath shingles from exposure to the sun. No granules lead to the asphalt layer being exposed to and damaged by the UV rays leading to an exposed roof.

Weather conditions like snow and ice, although not as common as in other parts of the US, gradually damage your roof over time. Remember, your roof is protecting you from the elements, and the weather really does wear on your roof.

4 – Improper Installation

Many roof repair needs are directly related to improper installation or repair work. Roofing over old shingles is just asking for leaks and broken shingles. Not using underlayment, failing to install proper flashing as needed, using poor or no roof sealants, or failing to fasten and/or overlap shingles correctly can also lead to problems. Trying to fix a leak or loose shingles yourself can cause more extensive roof damage that could have been avoided too. Homeowners feel they can patch a small leak or get up on the roof and hammer down some missing shingles, but without a full inspection, they could be missing an underlying issue that over time can become a significant issue.

Roof damage is inevitable and happens over time, but with proper maintenance and regular inspections, homeowners can avoid costly repairs if the damage is taken care of quickly and right when it occurs.

These are our Top 4 of the most common causes of roof repair needs, but of course, there are always more factors. If your roofing is damaged or you suspect it may be, contact us for advice, repairs, or a roof inspection anytime! Also, feel free to talk to us about roof replacement if you think your old roofing may be showing its age.

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