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Commercial Roofing

Whether you need roof restoration, roof replacement, roof repair or just a free roof inspection, we have all your commercial roofing needs covered! We service shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, dealerships, medical centers, apartment complexes and more.​

Large or small commercial projects, we accept projects of all sizes. We bring over 20 years of experience leading performance to the table.

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New Construction

Alternative Roofing Systems installs roofs on new construction. We have relationships with building contractors and can install roofs of a variety of materials and designs. TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Metal, and much more, every project is different and requires great thought into what roofing material will be used. This is where our 20+ years of experience comes in to provide a professional opinion to help with any questions or concerns.

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Roof Replacement

Facilities that have reached the end of their useful life often decide to completely remove the existing roof system down to the current substrate. This is the most common option when the service life has reached its end. One particular advantage to a full replacement is that the existing substrate can be evaluated to determine whether there is a structural issue due to the moisture content in the existing roof system.

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Roof Recovery

Often, building owners have budgeting issues and can't afford a full roof replacement. A roof recovery system allows the building owner the option to leave the remaining roof system in place and install a new roof system over the existing one. NRCA code will only allow this application over one roof area, should the existing building contain more than one roof system this application is not an option. The underlying cost savings are demolition costs and the labor associated with the demolition of the existing roof system.

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Service & Repairs

All roofs have a life-expectancy, and at some point must be replaced to ensure the safety and well-being of a structure. After years of exposure to the outside elements from rain and hail, to sweltering heat, roofing material will eventually break down. We have capabilities to provide industry-leading repair procedures to all roofing systems in the market place such as gravel surface built-up roof, modified, standing seam, TPO, PVC, EPDM, EV, Shingles, Slate and Copper.

M4 Roof Maintenance Plan

M4 Roof Maintenance Program

Our M4 Roof Maintenance Program is a WARRANTIED roof maintenance program designed to increase the life expectancy of your EXISTING roofing system.

    A thorough on-site inspection by professionally trained roof inspectors, the M4 inspection report includes: Roof top core samples Roof top drains and roof top drainage patterns Roof top expansion joints Roof top membrane transitions Roof top metal copings and counter-flashings, along with, all roof-top penetrations Roof top HVAC watertight integrity will also be inspected
    After the inspection, our experienced roofing management staff meets to compile a comprehensive evaluation and a professional M4 proposal is prepared. The M4 roof inspection is reviewed and evaluated by our management team with over 100 years of combined roofing industry experience. All M4 proposals include expert repair recommendations. The M4 evaluation is then discussed with you, continually keeping in mind your specific needs and your budgetary requirements.
    Following your acceptance of our proposal, the recommended M4 evaluation and proposal is then implemented by our trained roofing maintenance labor force. All M4 Roof Maintenance Programs use only the finest roofing industry materials available today. All M4 corrective roof repair procedures follow the standards and guidelines as outlined by the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Single Ply Roofing Institute.
    All M4 repair and maintenance steps are continually monitored by our roofing industry superintendents. At the completion of each project, a comprehensive final field inspection assures you that all repairs have been implemented as recommended. Bi-Annual inspections, usually in the spring and fall, keep your roofing records up to date. Any covered repair work, completed at NO CHARGE during the bi-annual inspections, will assure the buildings roof will continue to perform as designed.
Benefits & Value
  • Restoration of the present roof system

  • 48-hour emergency repair system

  • Bi-annual inspection of the roof

  • Bi-annual written reports to the owner

  • Emergency estimates

  • Bi-annual clean up of roofing surfaces

  • Early detection and repairs of roof defects

  • Product knowledge assistance

  • Quality material and expert craftmanship

  • Peace of mind through reliability and responsibility

  • Personal commitment to service customers

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