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The Most Common Questions Asked When it Comes to Roofing

How much will it cost?

Of course, this is the most common question that homeowners ask us here at ARS Roofing. Money obviously talks, and we know that our ability to outline and describe costs with you completely and accurately goes a long way.

When it comes to costs, first we usually look at what you need. Professionally inspecting your roof and determining whether we are going to do a roof repair or a roof replacement on your roof is usually the first step. There are so many variables that lead to roof repair and replacement prices varying such as:

  1. The general condition of the roof

  2. The amount of damage

  3. How big your roof is

  4. Your roof’s pitch

  5. Type of shingles or metal roofing

  6. Amount of layers of shingles on the roof

Typically, the best way to see how much a roof repair or roof replacement will cost is to schedule a free estimate with us. We walk you through the process, costs and answer every question you may have.

My roof is leaking—do I need to have the whole thing replaced?

The scariest thing about noticing a leaky roof is not knowing. Thankfully, this is one place where you may be able to deliver some good news to your clients. Depending on the size and the location, we may be able to get away with fixing this leak without going with a completely new roof. We perform a professional inspection and look at everything affecting your roof and this leak, and work with you to have realistic expectations for fixing a leak or any other minor damage. Something we take into consideration is your roof’s age and general condition when we suggest repairing or replacing your roof.

How can I recognize when a roof needs repair or replacement?

Just because you have a few damaged shingles or a small leak, don’t assume that you need an entire roof replacement. If your roof has been properly installed and is younger than 12 years old, you may want to get the repairs your roof needs rather than a full replacement. We want you to have not only the best roof on the block, but also do everything we can to make sure it is cost-effective for you. A professional inspection is the best way to figure out if the damage on your roof is significant enough to go with a full roof replacement.

Can you roof over my existing shingles?

Technically, it is possible to layer one set of shingles on top of another, however, we do not recommend this. Roofing over existing shingles is setting your roof up for future issues. We always recommend for homeowners to choose to remove old shingles before installing a new roof. It saves you time and money in the long run by removing the old shingles before a reroof.

Why do I need to hire you? Can’t I do this work myself?

Surprisingly, we get this question quite often when it comes to minor repairs for a home’s roof. Better Business Bureau reports that a shocking 73%of homeowners feel home repair and improvement contractors can’t be trusted, and you’ll have to defend your worth at every turn—especially for those homeowners who have a little bit of repair work under their belt.

We find that some homeowners, even with repair work experience, sometimes cause additional damage to their roof. These quick fixes lead to ripples, lifted shingles and leaks. If you try to repair the structural integrity of your roof, you may be putting more than just your roof at stake.

Most importantly, a roof repair made by the homeowner may void a manufacturer’s warranty. Improper installations result in so many roofing replacements that manufacturers often won’t cover a roof that isn’t installed by a licensed contractor. A good DIYer may be able to replace a few shingles here and there, but when it comes to major damage, it is best to leave that to the professionals. Another factor in not doing the repair yourself could be the legality of repairing your roof in your area. Depending on the home’s location, your local jurisdiction may forbid the homeowner from doing major roofing work on their homes by themselves, and certainly without a license. 

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for New Roof Installation?

If we find that your roof needs to be replaced, there are a few small steps you can take for a smooth process. First, clear your driveway as much as possible and the areas around your home. There is a chance roofing materials could fall into the driveway. We will also appreciate the extra space for work vehicles and equipment. We complete most new roofing jobs within a few days for minimal interruption to your life. Our greatest goal is that we take care of everything from beginning to end – you just have to sit back and enjoy your brand new roof.

Do 30-year shingles really last 30 years?

This is one of the most commonly misconstrued concepts when it comes to shingles. Basically, most 30-year shingles do not last 30 years in perfect condition. Manufacturers base the life expectancy of a 30-year shingle on a shingle placed in ideal conditions, like an area that isn’t exposed to strong winds or much sun exposure. Something you can check is the warranties for 30-year shingles. These shingles don’t typically last for 30 years, either. We are GAF certified and are experts in all aspects of roofing to get the right shingles for your home.

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