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Holiday Lights Hanging Tips

It’s that time of year again, time to hang your Christmas lights! This time of year brings so much joy to all families around the world. When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are so many possibilities to decorate your house, roof, yard and landscaping. The most important part of the decoration is, without a doubt, lights display on your home. Only the lights can make an incredible Christmas atmosphere and make you feel the genuine spirit of Christmas. But before you start hanging them randomly outside your house, here are some of the best holiday outdoor light-hanging tips.

Plan the Design

It is never a good idea to start hanging the outdoor lights randomly, without a plan. So, start by planning your design of the light and how they will hang the edge or your roof, trim, around windows and porches. Think about the whole picture and make it a step-by-step project.

Next, choose a focal point for your home. Picking a focal point will help you avoid your house looking like someone randomly placed lights all over your lawn. Take a look at columns and how your entryway is framed. This is maybe the point where you should start with light-hanging.

Think about the surface of your holiday outdoor light-hanging decoration. Before you start hanging the lights, there are some check-ups you need to do. If you haven’t already, clean your gutters and maybe your roof if you notice a buildup of debris. You can check your gutter thickness and shingle flexibility to determine how to best hang lights along the roofline.

Measure Your Home

Don’t rush in and hang your outdoor lights before you take the proper measurements. Start by measuring your home or even laying your lights on the ground outlining your plan. That will help you decide how many lights you will need. Also, measure the distance between the lights and your power source, you do not want to have your lights not reach the plug!

Here are some popular spots for holiday outdoor light-hanging

  1. Rooflines

  2. Atop trees, bushes, and edges

  3. Around door frames, windows, and other architectural features

  4. Around pillars or deck railings

  5. Pathways and driveways

  6. Inside planters and window boxes

Prep Your Lights

Safety comes first, so use proper outdoor extension cords that are in good condition. Also, look for lights rated for outdoor use. Go ahead and toss those old lights that are frayed. Next, plug in each strand of lights and see if any bulbs are out and replace them. As you are checking the bulbs, go ahead and organize them by style and color so you stay organized as you are putting the lights up. For example, you can use colored lights on your entryway and trees, and white lights on your bushes and roofline.

Installing Your Outdoor Lights 

Always avoid potential fire hazards while installing holiday outdoor lights. Light clips are becoming the go-to for hanging up lights on gutters or your roofline. No more nailing into your trim. If you don’t have gutters, you can simply use the same clip to attach lights to your shingles, just be careful to not lift or tear a shingle. Light clips work with all kinds of holiday lights.

If you want to decorate a tree in your yard, try using a light-hanging pole. These are worth the money! It’s a great way to avoid getting on a ladder. Also, if you wish to attach lights to the railings of your deck or front porch, use deck clips. Finally, if you don’t want to turn on or off the lights every night, use an outdoor timer.

Remember, while arranging outdoor light-hanging installations, always put safety first. Only then, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the Christmas holidays. We wish you a Merry Christmas and unforgettable light design.

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